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09 Dec 2011
I don't know how to install from .img fi..
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22 Nov 2011
How to install Taj os in my pc. and ..
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21 Oct 2011
TAJ seems to lock up in boot using Bochs..
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  Ankit  09 Dec 2011 08:58:09 PM IST

 I don't know how to install from .img file ...

Can u please provide .flp or .iso ...??

I'm using VirtualBox...


  Masum  22 Nov 2011 01:39:24 PM IST

 How to install Taj os in my pc.

and what is minimum and maximun hardware requirments for taj os.

  Me  21 Oct 2011 10:50:02 PM IST

 TAJ seems to lock up in boot using Bochs for windows.
Dump direct from Bochs textscreen dumper(after trimming whitespace)
� Enabling Paging... [ OK ]
� Loading GDT... [ OK ]
� Initializing PIC... [ OK ]
� Setting up Exceptions... [ OK ]
� Loading IDT... [ OK ]
� Detecting Mouse... [ OK ]
� Initializing Keyboard... [ OK ]
� Detecting floppy drives... [ OK ]
� Initializing FAT..... [ OK ]
� Initializing Multitasking..... [ OK ]_
That last underscore is the cursor,blinking like mad.
On VMware the bootloader isn't seen and on VirtualBox nothing shows at all,it just sits there(in bootloader???).
This experience was using TAJ 0.0.2

  Jackson  19 Oct 2011 07:45:30 PM IST

  thanks for your site and all the great stuff that is there!
Just one thing that I would question, and that is (in hard drives) you say that a track is the same as a cylinder. It is my understanding that a cylinder is the same track on multiple platter sides, so that cylinder 1 is track 1 on all sides of all platters...
anyhow, great site!!!

  Krishnamurti Naskar  12 Sep 2011 10:55:36 AM IST

Great work,sir!
I was lookin dis kinda stuff.........
if u wish,i wud definitely like to join hands with u,in developing some tough kernel.I am Elect.Engg. student in Kolkata.I happen to be a core fan of Linux.

waiting for ur ans.I want my cuntry to be the world-leader,not fukin' amerika.....

  Subash  26 Aug 2011 12:36:52 PM IST

 Really crude.. but a good effort .. keep it coming ... It could be bit faster mate.. and please obtain gnu licence .. before somebdy for some reason patents it .. its your work.. gnu/Gpl is free of cost dont wry

  Hronak  22 Aug 2011 02:30:03 AM IST

 hey! where can I get Taj OS source code? I want to develop it more...

  Ashokkumar  22 Jun 2011 08:57:55 PM IST

 Very impressed with the TAJ OS and the tutorials.
Keep moving.

  H. E. Citak  20 Jun 2011 08:53:58 AM IST

  I love clean and independent starts. I could not find hardware requirements, readily available applications, conformed standards like posix, GUI adaptability and basic browser support. By hardware I mean min cpu and ram and storage usb or hdd. Machine types, IA32 assumed, but for example are i486, old mac etc. bootable with TAJ?
How big is running memory use of TAJ?

  Den24  02 Jun 2011 12:48:39 AM IST

 Reminds me of 'Dos' as it looks a lot alike, i havnt used TAJ yet.. but will do so A.S.A.P. thanks.

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