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09 Dec 2011
I don't know how to install from .img fi..
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22 Nov 2011
How to install Taj os in my pc. and ..
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21 Oct 2011
TAJ seems to lock up in boot using Bochs..
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Please give your valuable comments to me. For those who know me, can give comments about me. Or you know about TAJ then you can comment about it. Or you can comment about this web site. You can give your valuable tips about everything.

The Comments section is closed due to spams. Please contact me at [email protected] for further queries.

  Viral  30 Aug 2006 03:40:01 PM CDT

 Thanks for the suggestion. But I guess both "initializing" and "initialising" can be used as synonym. Both convey same message and I have seen no. of documents where both have been used.

I tried to search "initializing" word on online dictionary and I got many references for the same. Like this also give us same meaning of the word. My WordWeb 1.63 also gives same meanings.

Anyways thanks for pointing that I had used both "initializing" and "initialising" on the same page. sc1.png i.e. my screenshot reveals this. So I will correct it soon.

  jeff  30 Aug 2006 02:23:55 PM CDT

 there is a typo in sc1.png ... initialize is spelt wrong

  Extreme Coder  16 Aug 2006 10:50:29 PM CDT

 Well Viral, nice to see your reply. Am I Coding an OS?? Yes I am !!!
I am actually mad in coding and I just die for C ... I code a lot and most of the time learn C indepth ... to give u an how mad I am about C, read this ...

you have two functions func_one(char *a, int i); and func_two(char *b, int i); .. now how do you access char *a from func_two()... without using global pointer ...I used to do these kinda craps ... :) ...

I believe you are currently employed and working, if not a student :) ... byee

  Venkatesh  31 Jul 2006 06:04:41 AM CDT

 hey man,
Great work on the OS. I would love it if in the FAQ section you could write about the installation process, booting process.



  Viral  16 Jul 2006 05:23:15 PM CDT


Today I havent done any specific coding in TAJ OS but worked on this site. I added Country and City field and smileys in Comment section.

Please feel free to write your country and city, this is how I can keep track of my users. Note that your country and city will not be visible here.

Now you can smile ... you can cry .. and even you can .. Now its time for so see you soon..

Thanks to yahooo for providing such wonderful smiles.

Note: Please disable smileys when you are posting some codes or if you dont like them.

  Viral  15 Jul 2006 01:31:10 PM CDT

Thanks for pointing that you were unable to download TAJ OS. Acctually this is a free hosting site and administrator might have removed the image files from their server. Anyways I have set a mirror for this and now you can
download it without any problem (I guess)..

Feel free to comment anything.. Taj OS welcomes you....

  Mushy-pea  14 Jul 2006 03:29:36 PM CDT

 I tried to download TAJ, but was presented with a 'Forbidden' message by the server that denied me access. If this problem can't be easily fixed, would you mind sending the .zip file to my e-mail address? Thanks.


  Manish  10 Jul 2006 03:09:01 PM CDT

 Hi Viral,

Really a nice increment from ur last site & certainly the advancement in ur knowledge , with ur development skills. Hope in next coming times only we will see ur project as not only as a regional level known but at National Level with much creditibility.

  Viral  30 Jun 2006 01:04:35 PM CDT

 Hello Prajwal,
Thanks for trying TAJ. Let me give the answers of your questions:

1. Every enter on command line show error msg, because I have not checked for blank string in shell. Its only one line that i'll add in next release. Thanks for pointing this.

2. I dint feel to show "." & ".." entry. If it is necessary then I'll remove if[] == "." code from my FAT driver.

3. Fast typing do introduce spaces in Bochs. But it work just fine on real pc. I dont know why is it so, may be something wrong with emulator.

4. I have implemented those commands for file creation/editing & directory creation/deletion. Not added in this release.

Thanks again for the queries... It always improve you in some or other manner...

  Prajwal  30 Jun 2006 10:34:23 AM CDT

 Hi Viral...
Went thru ur OS breifly... looks decent
I ran it under BOCHS Emulator

Few humble observations:-

1. Every Enter on command line (just on enter) shows err msg illegal command ???

2. Why "." ".." not shown in root dir

3. Fast typing introduces spaces in between (may be prob with emulator also)

4. Have u implemented commands for read and write file (a simple editor kind of thing) and commands for dir creation and deletion ???

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