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09 Dec 2011
I don't know how to install from .img fi..
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22 Nov 2011
How to install Taj os in my pc. and ..
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21 Oct 2011
TAJ seems to lock up in boot using Bochs..
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  Rajan  16 Nov 2008 08:31:57 PM IST

 Hi,viral. good job.I know u. u did ur b.e. frm CKPCET.Me too frm thr.Hats off to u for r a source of inspiration for us.

  Abhimanyu  03 Oct 2008 05:40:54 PM IST

  Hey Viral!
Excellent work and seems like you are india's Bill gates!!

Well i have something to ask you about!
i had made my bootloader which just prints hello world now how to execute my *.C program so that graphical features could be aded to it!
Plzz reply at [email protected]

Take Care

  Aneury  02 Oct 2008 06:29:01 PM IST

  hey man good work
i have question you want help me a one question please how draw png in kernel please send me mail..

good work go up..bye

  Russi  11 Sep 2008 06:09:07 AM IST

  Hey Viral !
Great work dude!!!!!, thanks especially for the tutorials and those info at the front page.

BTW could you please provide the sources :-/ and also state whether its opensource plz!!
Also plz provide some more links than just the intel and amd docs (eg.

  Timmy  08 Jan 2008 10:58:05 PM EST

 Interesting. I see alot of calls for source code. I second that (or third, or whatever). I realize that you want to lone-wolf this project, but the source would be appreciated for instructional purposes. People want to know how you achieved something so they can emulate it. As for the way to add bits: I found this in an assembly language book, though I can't remember which:

int bits (long c) {
return c;}

  Jagan  22 Nov 2007 04:14:16 AM EST

I am trying to do os like this ..... where can i get the tutorials for this ? Is TAJ opesource OS? If so where can I get the source codes?

  Kaffeefilter  16 Nov 2007 08:14:45 PM EST

  Hi Viral,
I must admit I haven't read much on your site so far, namely a few bits from your GDT tutorial and the introduction to Taj OS (bit meager, i know^^), but I wanted to forward my first impression to you:
Many of your articles seem to have a valid and useful message, however, I personally find those hard to decipher, because of the many errors in your English. These range from minor inaccuracies to very lax phrasings, which I would have regarded as grossly offensive, would I not have blamed on your English^^. Please forgive me if I should wrong you, but my English is not all that good either. Regardless of these caveats, I wanted to thank you for going through the effort of providing us with all that content, specifically on OS design, I'm definitely going to browse through all that^^.
Best regards,

  Dileep P G  01 Nov 2007 12:32:17 PM EDT

  Hi Viral !
Excellently simple Site Design ...i m only starting to go thru the contents. impressive so far...gr8 work !!

  Anurag  26 Oct 2007 11:45:21 AM EDT

 Hi Viral,

I read about the counting 1's in a 12/32 bit binary digit. The approach is interesting, but I still wonder whether its efficient as it seems! The only problem being, how is the % operator implemented in the hardware? Is it a single operation or multiple? Is it faster than doing a loop? Please tell me if you have any information about it.


  Mahendran  22 Oct 2007 10:49:55 PM EDT

  Dear sir i'm mahendran from chennai.I'm interested to develop new operating i saw your TAJ OS in web.Can You please send your TAJ OS and source projects ?.My mailing Address [ M.Mahendran ,111/54 lake view road,West mambalam chennai 600033 ].Thank You

with best regards


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