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09 Dec 2011
I don't know how to install from .img fi..
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22 Nov 2011
How to install Taj os in my pc. and ..
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21 Oct 2011
TAJ seems to lock up in boot using Bochs..
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The word operating system is not new to any computer literate. We all start our day with Windows and end by talking about Linux. We always argue about the performance and efficiency of one over other. Each of this is having its own limitation. Windows is a very good operating system used in almost every personal computer in this world. Whereas Linux is a great open source operating system which is totally free and is used in almost all web servers. Windows is nice but not free and Linux is free and open source but difficult to use.

The main power of Linux is C language as it is totally developed in it, but the limitation of C language will definitely affect it too. Since last 30 years Linux is being developed and modified from its old variant UNIX, but now it is reaching to its limit. The size of the codes has increase so much that one global data created in wrong file can crash whole Linux. The day is not far when it will be impossible to add a single line of code without avoiding any ambiguity.

So is this an end to a great free, open source operating system? There is always something new when something ends. TAJ OS may be an answer. It is a first operating system developed in India which is totally based on object oriented concept. C++ is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word object oriented. And yes, TAJ OS is totally developed in C++, which removes all drawbacks of C language.

The code of TAJ operating system is well maintained by dividing it in different modules (class concept). All the data are highly secured by making them private and removing any chances of unauthorized access. The main heart of this operating system know as Kernel is a Monolithic type, i.e. all devices drivers and supporting file are packed in one unit with kernel which greatly reduces the chances of crashes. The operating system is built in such a way that sudden power failure and other hardware problems will also not corrupt the system.  

Features of TAJ Operating System

  • 32-bit Protected mode Operating System
  • Paging enable
  • Secure Exception handling
  • Interrupt management system
  • Work with different kinds of CPU (80386 onwards).
  • Fully functional built in keyboard driver
  • Total DMA control
  • Floppy driver
  • Mouse driver
  • Fat file system driver
  • Multitasking
  • Multithreading
  • Multiuser

Internal architecture of TAJ Operating System

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