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09 Dec 2011
I don't know how to install from .img fi..
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22 Nov 2011
How to install Taj os in my pc. and ..
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21 Oct 2011
TAJ seems to lock up in boot using Bochs..
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  Lokendra Patidar  03 Jan 2011 05:18:55 PM IST

 Hi Viral,
First thanks a lot for useful tech blog.
Just I wanted to know that how can i use PC Lint command in Make file.
Currently I am using Buildbot for Build Automation. And as per requirement I have to configure PC Lint with Make file.
Still I did not get any pretty much solution.
It will be helpful if you give any idea about it.

Lokendra Patidar

  Vivek Yadav  21 Dec 2010 10:46:22 PM IST

 How can a monolithic system reduce crashes ??
A microkernal type kernal can do it.
Monolithic kernals have higher number of bugs and crashes.

  Rahul Patil  19 Dec 2010 11:49:18 AM IST

 Hiii men.... very nice work... i just want to know whether you know the windows operating system, because i have logic in my mind which can lead new curve for microsoft its better if you lead me your contact details an appointment will also do on which i can come up with my team and we can talk together on this.....

  Syed Kashif  18 Dec 2010 03:04:39 PM IST

  very nice work

  Sabzar  09 Dec 2010 07:54:41 AM IST

  i want to ammend the os to feel better for allusers

  Alex Hart  14 Nov 2010 10:01:03 AM IST


I just found your site and am really interested in starting to get into bootloaders and work my way up from there. My question is, can I boot off a USB thumb stick using the methods described here or 3rd party software, and be able to reformat it back into it's original state? I have a laptop computer, and no access to a floppy drive or a tower to use it in. You mentioned the fact that the disk would become damaged, so I just wanted to be sure I am not going to harm my drive before I approach this.

I just don't want to fry the thing is all, they aren't cheap =D

  Vikas Jha  13 Nov 2010 05:19:22 PM IST

I think Better to Develop MOBILE OS.
it will Great from INDIA


  Zach  04 Nov 2010 09:12:10 PM IST

 It is very nice, but you need to allow people to download the source code.

  Moses Tunde .e  01 Nov 2010 07:13:32 PM IST


  Anuj Aggarwal  28 Oct 2010 06:28:04 PM IST

 very nice efforts and well documented. Can u provide source code of TAJ OS, if possible?

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