Android 1.5 released: Preview SDK & feature list

android-logoAndroid Developers Blog annouced today the availability of Android 1.5 SDK. Although this version seems to be complete and finish, Google warns it might change few APIs.

The Android 1.5 platform will include many improvements and new features for users and developers. Additionally, the SDK itself introduces several new capabilities that enable you to develop applications more efficiently for multiple platform versions and locales. Following are list of features Google has added to new Android 1.5.

  • – On-screen keyboard support, with support for auto-correct, text prediction, user dictionaries, and third-party keyboard layouts
  • – Live folders (Auto-updating folder shortcuts for things such as YouTube favorites, Starred Contacts, and, with the API now available, whatever else developers conjure up)
  • – Video Recording
  • – MPEG4 and 3GP Video Playback
  • – Stereo Bluetooth
  • – Browser enhancements: New ultrafast “Squirrelfish” javascript engine, search within a page, copy and paste, UI changes
  • – New Linux Kernel
  • – Google Application enhancements: View Google Talk friend statuses in contacts, SMS, MMS, Gmail, and Email
  • – New frameworks for developers to build upon: Widget creation, Live Folder creation, Raw audio recording/playback, Video recording, Speech recognition
  • – Faster GPS, Faster camera startup, faster Gmail scrolling, and smoother browser scrolling

For full feature list, check this Android’s Developers page .

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