Pre-crime & Minority Report turns real through Facebook in England

minority-report-uiI could’nt stop myself laughing when I read this ridiculous news on techcrunch today!!! The news is: Brit Andrew Poole organised a simple barbeque to celebrate his 30th birthday party. He expected a total of 17 guests, so he bought a lot of burgers, rented a marquee and put some batteries into the portable MP3 player. But his mistake was to create an events page on Facebook.

Now the funny part in this is when the party was on full swing; about eight police officers, some dressed in body armor, swooped in via a helicopter and a riot van. Police claimed they received reports a “large-scale” dance rave organised via something called the Internet. Police said local residents had tipped them off about a possible rave, which suggests that the “red ball” in this case was the people Poole is connected to on Facebook who tipped off the authorities.

More on this ridiculous story of police “anticipating crime” here.

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