Hey Everyone! I’m Viral Patel. Welcome to my technology blog!

I created this blog to narrate my coding and technology learning experiences. I like sharing my experiments and ideas with everyone by writing articles on latest technological trends.

Primarily I write about Java, JEE, Spring, Hibernate, jQuery, PHP, CakePHP, Maven, Web 2.0, Cloud and the list goes on…. Of late I am trying new technologies such as Google app engine, play framework etc and I love it.

Not all the articles that you find on this blog are written by me. Intermittently my friends / colleagues share some very useful tips and tricks.

I write simple apps / tutorials to learn a new technology in my spare time. Here’s a list of things that I’ve done in the past.

Taj Operating System – TAJ is India’s first Object oriented multitasking, multithreading operating system created from scratch. It is written in C++ and assembly. Its 32-bit Protected mode Operating System. Read more about Taj on its homepage.

eazyDiary – Easy way to write / manage your personal diary online without any hassels and manage all your events and people you share your day with. This app is created using Play! framework in Java and hosted on Google’s very own cloud – Google App engine.

eazyBookmark – An easy way to synchronize your bookmarks between different computers. All you need to do is to add your links in eazyBookmark. Also you can login into eazyBookmark using your Google Account. So no hassle of remembering passwords. The application is being hosted on Google app engine.

Realtime search – A real time search experience using purely Javascript and Google Search API

Spring 3 article series – A series of 7 articles on Spring 3 MVC which explains different aspects such as form handling, tiles plugin integration, internationalization / localization, themes in spring mvc etc.

Struts 2 article series – A series of 7 articles on Struts 2 which explains different features such as Validations, Interceptors, Tiles plugin integration, Ajax on Struts 2 etc.

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I’d love to hear from you! Say hello to me in comments section below, or if you’re shy then email me on viralpatel.net(at)gmail.com or follow me @viralpatelnet


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    • @Mansa – Thanks a lot :) I really appreciate your words. Hope I would write more about new technologies. Do read more on this website and also share if you like. Thanks.

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    Torsten (from Germany)

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    Hello Viral, Nice tutorials.

    I have some queries with regards to Hibernate 3.6.10. Please follow the below link for the querry

    Do reply on the thread or else you can mail me at [email protected]

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    a. Custom Search the Site..
    b. Custom Search a list of URLs
    c. Search the web.

    The idea is to have a radio button so that the user can choose if he wants to search the site, the list of links or the web.

    Is this possible?

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    Hi i am trying to check boolean value true or false in if condition inside tag in struts2. My code is as below

    But every time its goes into else condition. can anyone help me out??

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    I’m beginner in web programming.
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    I have jsp view in which value from controller are displayed using display tag I want to add a new column with check box, so when i check a particular check box and click update , defined controller should be able to get that particular selected row corresponding value and process it further. Please suggest me the way to do it

    Thanks in Advance

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    Im new bee to IT industry. Currently i joined in a small concern as a java developer. Many of my troubles in development has been solved by your tutorials. Thanks a lot. And im here for asking you a favor? Since im a new bee i know Java,J2ee,Servlets, Jsp. I want to add up stuffs. can you help me out like den vat i hav 2 learn? which r all useful for my career. Im very passionate towards coding. Thanks in advance

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    sir i am creating “e-shopping” project on J2EE so give me guide for “how to online transaction ? ” .

    sir help me …..

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    Hi Viral
    I came across your blog/post while searching for a way to replace the Google Reader Shared Items widget on my blog ahead of the death of GR on 01July2013. I am thinking perhaps I can “save” the items I want to share on Feedly, then find a way to push them onto a Blogger widget. Or push “Archived” items from Pocket. Do you think that will work? If so, how can I do the “pushing” to Blogger ?
    Taichiseal / Singapore

  84. Abhijit says:


    I am stuck with this one for a long time and cannot find a way out. Please help me out.

    I have two tables applicant and DS_1350. One applicant will have one ds1350 record and the applicant_id (auto generated) in the applicant is foreign key to the ds1350. When I try to populate the Applicant class with DS1350 data in it and save, the foreign key in the ds1350 table is getting saved as null, the row is created though. Parent is fine.

        @Table(name = "applicant")
        public class Applicant implements Serializable {
            	private static final long serialVersionUID = -8634638904962909584L;
            	// Primary id required by Hibernate
        	@Column(name = "applicant_id", nullable=false, unique=true)
                private Long applicantId; // Unique id for each applicant
            	@OneToOne(cascade = CascadeType.ALL)
        	@Fetch(value = FetchMode.SELECT)
        	@JoinColumn(name = "applicant_id", referencedColumnName= "applicant_id")
        	private DS1350 ds1350;
        @Table(name = "ds_1350")
        public class DS1350 implements Serializable {
        	private static final long serialVersionUID = -7370747595057569296L;
            	// Primary id required by Hibernate
        	@Column(name = "ds_1350_id", nullable=false, unique=true)
        	private Long ds1350Id;
        	@Column(name = "applicant_id", unique=true, nullable=false)
        //    @GeneratedValue(generator="gen")
        //	@GenericGenerator(name = "gen", strategy = "foreign", parameters = @Parameter(name = "property", value = "applicant"))
        	private Long applicantId; // Unique id for each applicant
        	@Column(name = "ds1350_no", length = 50)
            private String ds1350Number;    
         public class ApplicantDaoTest {
        	private ApplicantDao applicantDao;
        	private Applicant applicant;
        	private DS1350 ds1350 = new DS1350();
        	public static void beforeClass() {
        	public static void afterClass() {
        	public void setup() {
        	public void teardown() {
        	private void initApplicant() {
        		applicant = new Applicant();
        		Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance();
        	private void initDS1350 () {		
        	public void testSaveApplicant() {
        		Long applicantId = applicantDao.saveApplicant(applicant);
        		applicant = applicantDao.getApplicantByPrimaryKey(applicantId);

    Applicant table (Parent)

    Ds1350 table (child)

    The applicant_id is null here which should have been 6000386 and that’s the issue.

  85. You are doing a good job and many of the beginners like me are referring this blog for some references.

    Thank you !

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    You are doing a great job by sharing so much useful information.
    Recently I’ve also started blogging, my links are in:
    People like you are always kind of inspiration to me.


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    I’m new to android.I’m working on a project in which user can see his call details,sms details and data pack details of a month.sir can you please give me the code for sms and data pack details.It would help me alot.I’m new to java language also please help me asap.
    Thank You

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    Waiting for your soon update for the same.

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    hi viral patel!
    we are following your blog for our project its nice!
    but in all your examples, after saving an record into db only that same record its displaying! not the dynamic record that means if we give any id that particular record should display in the jsp page .that example is not there! i request you to post that example (using spring+hibernate+struts2)!if that example is already exist please share the link!
    i am trying but unable to get solution. i just need that example………….

    please do the need full.


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    I need your help to build some Drag n Drop UI Concept..so please send me your contact information.


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    Thanks for the informative blog that you have created.
    I have really learnt a lot from your tutorials as your explanation is clear and easy to understand.
    Appreciate that you can continue to post more in future :)


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    Nice to refer your site and blogs…. It is really helpful and informative.
    I need your suggestions on cookieless wep site development and authentication.

    Currently we are facing issue in captcha values , struts token autentication etc…
    It is all working fine if we enable the cookies for third party. However since we can’t ask users to enable cookies we need some solution on the same.

    Pl. suggest


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      A big thanks for your posts. I am a regular reader of your blog and looking forward to some interesting posts on node.js. Please do add some posts related to the same.

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    Hey Viral,
    Like your tutorial on Angularjs. I want some more on that describing $stateParameter and resolve. I am working on a project and used ui-router for the same. Want to pass parameter as a object so that can get all the values in other state. Can you give some example on this?

    Thanks in advance,
    Take care,

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    Is comment disabled on post? I saw the form and submitted a comment but did not received any response on the page. So, just informing you.

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    I like all your posts and fan of you and wanna learn angularjs and object oreinted javascript so can you please provide me some basic stuff so i can learn

  108. Chris Sanjiv Xavier says:

    Hi Virat can you tell me the how to auto.profile file would be for the greenplum database connection

  109. Vijay says:

    Hi Viral,

    Could you please post article about Podcast tutorial and I want to start podcasting in for technical vlog.


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    Hi Viral,

    I was expecting lot of Dojo Tuts from you, i was been working as dojo begginer since there no exact documentation for it rahter than dojotoolkit org i expect you to post some cleared and expalined very well tuts as all above for dojo also

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    I would like to know if you have any blog about a small app to detect the device that a person is using when browsing(PC/Mobile) using Spring.


  113. Paulina says:

    BTW your site is awesome very good exercises.

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    Is it possible in api controller in multiple get method with same datatype parameter.
    if possible than how to use with angular routing?

    • Imran Khan says:

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    i want to join with you and i want many help .so i want your skype account or any other contact that give me response any time

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    I need your help.I want to know good domain hosting site for Java web technology . I am interested in software development business . I have 2 year experience . I am working on jsp,servlet,hibenrate,struts,spring ,mysql 4.1.html,css,jscript.

  117. Haresh Prajapati says:

    Hi viral,

    How HashMap values() method works? Compiled code of hashmap values method is shown as
    public Collection values()
    Collection localCollection = this.values;
    return this.values = new Values(null);

    private final class Values extends AbstractCollection
    private Values()

    public Iterator iterator()
    return HashMap.this.newValueIterator();
    public int size() {
    return HashMap.this.size;
    public boolean contains(Object paramObject) {
    return HashMap.this.containsValue(paramObject);
    public void clear() {
    here in statement
    return this.values = new Values(null);
    there is not any single argument constructor of private final Values class though how code works fine?

    • name says:

      Witch compiler did you use.

  118. You are doing great job.. I am regular reader of your blog.
    I want to request your for Explore more articles on Angular.js.

    Bhavik Patel

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    well done!

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    Hi Viral,

    I am a reader of your articles. I really enjoy your tutorials are easy to follow. Recently i came across Cygnite PHP Framework – The new Cool Kid. Looks good and promising but new to PHP world. I am interested to develop my coming project using Cygnite.

    I would like to see tutorial step by step of below –

    i. Insert, Update, Delete with Jquery, Ajax using Cygnite Framework.

    It will be really helpful for me to proceed if you please write in your next article.

    Thank you!

    With Regards,

  121. anil says:

    As a regular reader of your blog, i find it as one of the very giid written article for bith experienced and novice technical persons.

  122. Jayganesh says:

    0 down vote favorite

    I am trying to design a print page in which values such as amount,amount in words,date will be read from server side (here jsp scriptlet).On taking print of this page on a blank cheque, the scriplet values should appear against corresponding labels.

    I have written html code to adjust these values:

    <div style="width:767.244094488px; float:left; height:71.811023622px;">
         <div style="width:151.181102362px; height:18.897637795px; float:right; margin-right:0.456692913px; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; letter-spacing:13px; line-height:18.897637795px; font-size:15px;">scriptlet value</div>
    <div style="float:left; height:351.496062992px; width:767.244094488px;"  id="printdiv"><br>
    <div style="width:width:767.244094488px; height:26.456692913px; float:left;">
         <div style="width:540.472440945px;height:26.456692913px; line-height:26.456692913px;  margin-left:56px; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:15px; color:#000;">** scriptlet value**</div>
    <div style="width:width:767.244094488px; height:26.456692913px; float:left;">
         <div style="width:453.543307087px;height:26.456692913px; line-height:26.456692913px;  margin-left:76px; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:15px; color:#000;">scriptlet value</div>
    <div style="width:width:767.244094488px; height:26.456692913px; float:left;">
         <div style="width:453.543307087px;height:26.456692913px; line-height:26.456692913px;  margin-left:76px; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:15px; color:#000;">scriptlet value</div>
    <div style="width:188.976377953px;height:26.456692913px; float:left; line-height:26.456692913px;  margin-left:2px; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:15px; color:#000;">
         <div style="width:143.622047244px; height:26.456692913px; line-height:26.456692913px;  margin-left:70.354330709px; letter-spacing:1px; font-size:15px; font-weight:bold;">** scriptlet value **</div>

    The page size is defined in css as:

    body {
        height: 4in;
        width: 8in;

    The widths defined above are calculated by manually measuring cheque dimensions in mm and then converting it to pixels. When I take print out the values dont appear in front of corresponding labels as expected.

  123. Naveen says:

    Hi Viral,
    How to create the tree structure in angularjs.Each node with different views(like html forms,tables).

  124. pavzie says:

    I am impressed with your blog and content. I need to currently setup a technical blog. Can you give me some tips about your hosting details.

    Thanks again!

  125. Sai says:

    Hi Viral sir
    Is any post by you where web application which is built without using maven.
    A simple application with spring, hibernate, struts but without maven.

  126. Saurabh says:

    Hello Viral,
    Thanks for all great sharing. One thing I want to inform you, viralpatel.net is getting hanged very frequently from few days. I was trying to read your blogs on Angular Js but screen get freeze after ~1 minute. Some time it also crashesh shockwave player and we need to close tab. Can you please fix it ? looks like s3.buysellads.com taking forever to load

  127. krishna says:


    good example of angular js controller.. and I want to see more example of angular. I am angular beginner.
    also show example of dependency injection concept.

  128. susovan says:

    Hi Viral, Just came across your blog while searching a solution. Good work buddy. All the best.

  129. Brahma says:

    Excellent postings. thank you!

  130. RohitSG says:

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  131. Saurabh Patel says:

    OPB As Currency
    Dim SqlUpd As String

    Public Function CalBal(amount As Currency) As Currency
    Set Db = CurrentDb
    DoCmd.SetWarnings False
    ””” ///////////// Calculate balance in Alltran
    Set Dt2 = Db.OpenRecordset(“Select mainid,opbal,clbal,tt,id from alltrn where tt=’OP’ order by mainid”)
    If (Dt2.RecordCount > 0) Then
    OPB = 0#
    Do While Not Dt2.EOF
    OPB = Dt2(“opbal”)

    Set Dt1 = Db.OpenRecordset(“Select id,tbno,trno,tt,mainid,amount,opbal,clbal from qalltrn where mainid=” & Dt2(“mainid”) & ” and tti -1 order by mainid,tdate,tti,tt,tbno”)
    If (Dt1.RecordCount > 0) Then
    Do While Not Dt1.EOF
    CLB = OPB + Dt1(“amount”)
    SqlUpd = “update alltrn set opbal=” & OPB & “,clbal=” & CLB & ” where id=” & Dt1(“ID”).Value & ” and tt='” & Dt1(“tt”).Value & “‘ and mainid=” & Dt1(“mainid”).Value
    Db.Execute (SqlUpd)
    ‘DoCmd.RunCommand (SqlUpd)
    OPB = CLB
    CLB = OPB
    SqlUpd = “update alltrn set opbal=” & OPB & “,clbal=” & CLB & ” where id=” & Dt2(“ID”).Value & ” and tt='” & Dt2(“tt”).Value & “‘ and mainid=” & Dt2(“mainid”).Value
    ‘DoCmd.RunSQL (SqlUpd)
    Db.Execute (SqlUpd)
    End If

    SqlUpd = “update LMaster set Clbal=” & CLB & ” where lid =” & Dt2(“mainid”)
    Db.Execute (SqlUpd)
    ‘DoCmd.RunSQL (SqlUpd)
    CLB = 0#


    End If
    End Function

    how convert all above vba(access) code in to sql store procedure or function

  132. Saurabh Patel says:

    CLB is also Currency type variable

  133. Saurabh Patel says:

    any one can help me?

  134. Mike says:

    I have found a solution concerning java batch insert. Your introduction is clear and helpful. Thanks!

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    i am new to web development and UI but i am loving it .. i would be obliged if you could guide me how to start and progress for efficient results

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    hello thr,

    You blog on auditing DML


    final trigger have some issue. As i see that trigger bind varaible cannot be used dynamically and it throws error during insertion . Please assist

  139. Manish M Patel says:

    Thanks Viral for sharing (in)valuable info. (it is Seva :-)

    I have following suggestions:
    you have two menus…one at top (About…) and 2nd Home…Think of making it one.
    Try to have “search” (use either magnifying glass / text box) next to Home or right hand side…

    This will very useful for all users.

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