Google Maps and Twitter mashup show UK snowfall !!

A wonderful map created by Ben Marsh combines Google Maps with tagged Twitter messages. A twitter user has to send a hash tweet with her postal code and a number between 0 to 10 representing snowfall in her area. This data will then automatically displayed on Ben Marsh’s Google Map, providing a real-time record of snowfall across the country.

The site automatically updates every minute, and has received hundreds of tweets so far. London and the south-east is well represented on the map, with other parts of the country slowly joining in as the band of snow moves northwards.

Twitter users should send their tweet in the following format: #uksnow [THEIR POSTCODE] [SCORE out of]/10.

I am sure the same concept can be used in a varity of way to get lot of real time information. One such example is which combines the power of twitter and Google Maps and display real time updates related to Area/Region. For example a twitter user can tweet at certain area in city and mark/flag it and add some information. Marking a road junction for traffic or marking a road with tag “Construction going on.. take alternative route…”.

Ben Marsh application use a hash based tweet mashup where as is using direct location based tweet from their application.

The day is not far when we see a lot of other useful implementation on this mashup.

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