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About Protocol Links !

1. about:config – GUI for modifying user preferences.

Many Firefox users know that typing about:config in the Firefox location bar will open a Firefox configuration file that provides access to user preferences that cannot be changed.

There are more additional protocol links available.

2. about:cache – Displays cache statistics and disk cache directory location.

a. about:cache?device=memory — Lists memory cache entries.

b. about:cache?device=disk — Lists disk cache entries.

You can save SWF file using this feature.To save SWF file on you system,

A. Open a web page in your firefox browser, let the web page load.

B.  Now, put about:cache in your firefox address bar.You will get list of all loaded data in cache. Find your SWF file using ctrl+F, Save it.

3. about:plugins — Lists all your plugins as well as other useful information.

4. about:crashes — List of crash reports, with links and datestamps. (only Firefox 3)

5. about:bloat — Displays BloatView output. (disabled in release builds)

a. about:bloat?new

b. about:bloat?clear

6. about:buildconfig — Reveals details about your Mozilla build options.

7. about – Same as “Help -> About”.

8. about:credits – List of contributors to the Mozilla projects.

9. about:logo – Displays the application logo (Firefox 3)

10. about:robots – Easter egg, see [ bug 417302 ]

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