From where Google brought logo of Chrome

Today morning, I got this image in one of the forwarded email. Still can’t stop laughing. I don’t know if this image is copyrighted, still can’t stop myself posting this. :D

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  1. nice blog!!

  2. This blog is owned by a group or individual? Wonderful Blog… Wonderful Picture.

  3. Hi FreddieMaize,
    This blog started as an individual’s blog, but soon lot of people started contributing articles on technical topics. We are now open to anyone who wants to publish their articles on this website.
    Currently about 6-7 people have contributed on this website.

  4. Nice word. I would try and make articles on Search Engines which is my field. See you soon. Thanks and bye

  5. Fakih Karademir says:

    Really nice! It is true that Google Chrome logo resembles Microsoft Windows logo. However, Google could make a more original logo, especially in terms of colors. :)

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