If Twitter Consisted of 100 People!

What if the popular microblogging website, Twitter had only 100 users?

Based on the data from a survey InformationIsBeautiful blog has constructed these gorgeous graphics showing the Twitter (Twitter) community represented as 100 people.

Following conclusion can be drawn from this wonderful picture:

  • There are more Women than Men
  • Most of Twitter users are lazy. They don’t tweet frequently
  • Wednesday is best to promote yourself :)
  • Most news are tweeted on Tuesday that means, most incidents happens on Tuesday ;-)
  • Only 8% tweets are good and worth retweeting

If Twitter had 100 Users

Image courtesy: InformationIsBeautiful

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1 Comment

  1. Saulius says:

    The title says: If the Twitter community were 100 people.
    Later: only 5 with more than 100 followers.

    Isn’t the largest number of followers available in this community 99?
    Or is it a joke?
    I don’t get it.

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