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codepad.orgWhile surfing through the web, I encounter this wonderful website, that can be used to compile/interpret and share code snippets online. A number of language/script option is available which can be used to compile your code online. I started with writing a simple Hello World C program.
#include <stdio.h> main() { printf("Hello World"); }
Code language: Arduino (arduino)
codepad-c-compiler Not only you can compile your code snippet online but also share it with others. generates a small URL that can be shared with friends/colleagues and even they can comment on the code snippet. Although codepad supports C, C++, D, Haskell, Lua, OCaml, PHP, Perl etc but still it does not support some of the popular languages such as Java. I hope they implement the support soon. Happy Sharing…
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  1. lmk says:

    you can also have a look at It is quite similar but provides more languages and allowd to submit your input data

  2. lumen says:

    Yeah, with ideone collaborative debugging is easier.

  3. This was helpful and informative.debugging is easier now.

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