Yahoo Search share rises and Google falls..!!

A good news for Yahoo’s share holders. The Internet company has shown an increase in number of search results and the competitor Google has registered a fall in its search share. Although the share is small but still it became significant in internet world to get a piece of cake.

Yahoo’s search share for January 2009 has increased to 21% from 20.5% in December. Google domestic share in US has decreased from 63.5% in December to 63% in January. 0.5% is a significant number and a big advertising market will depend on this.

Following are the US Search share of top search engines in January 2009:

Search EngineShare %
Google63.0 %
Yahoo21.0 %
MSN8.5 %
AOL3.9 %
Ask3.7 %

Soruce: Business Insider

Its now FIVE years since Yahoo has launched its own search engine and they are really improving on their search result.

Still the bigger piece of cake is with Google and it will be my favorite search engine.

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