Facebook: Facts you probably didnt know

Have you ever wondered how Facebook has grown rapidly in these recent years! Here is a wonderful info about Facebook.
Image courtesy: onlineschools.org

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  1. Amit says:

    wow.. that’s very useful facts regarding facebook…

    Thanks 4 posting.

  2. Mercury says:

    that is quite insightfull, please i want to ask…which language would i use to made
    an option to display when a user has selected an item…

    like this


    then when a user selectes option 1 from the dropdown
    then “option1.1” which was invinsible would show, buf if
    he chose “option 2”, then “option 2.2″ would show.

    Thanks and all your posts are very very awesome, keep it up….

    please how can i also upload picture to the database which would be tagged with the user and when the user calls for the image √ęsp” profile picture, then it would display?

  3. amba says:


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