Google Chrome drops BETA tag

Google has finally announced on Thursday to drop Google Chrome’s BETA tag. This is pretty fast as the news came within 14 weeks of official release of Google Chrome browser. Some of the products of Google like GMail are still in BETA.

The news came with the 15th update release of the Chrome browser.

While going through the Google Chrome’s official blog entry, I came to following quote that has been made by the blogger.

… we have reached more than 10 million active users around the world (on all seven continents, no less) and released 14 updates to the product. …

“on all seven continents” ..!!!! I doubt scientist staying at Antarctica uses Google Chrome.. And if they do, then I am really impressed. :)

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1 Comment

  1. gaurav says:

    Cool.. I think google might have few scientist in Antarctica !! and they are using Chrome…

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