Chrome Experiment: Google’s new site to showcase Chrome and JavaScript

chrome-experimentYesterday only Google announced the new beta version of its browser, Google Chrome. And today they launched Chrome Experiment, a site that showcases JavaScript intensive games, applications and visualizations. Definitely the site showcased the power of the Chrome and its V8 JavaScript engine. The application provided in this site also worked with Firefox, IE and Safari but if you test it, Chrome did indeed provide the best experience.

We liked the alert box that appears when you try the apps in browsers other then Chrome.

Also We tried running an app in IE 6 and following JavaScript error appeared.

Let us check few cool apps and the about details by their authors:

Google Gravity

“Everything that goes up must come down. But there comes a time when not everything that’s down can come up.”

George Burns couldn’t probably imagine that his quote would eventually also be applied Google’s main page.

Play with the elements and try searching whenever you get tired of it.

Ball Pool

Start by shaking the browser, then create new balls (click on empty space), move some others (drag) and reset the screen (double click).

Browser Talk

Speak into your microphone and through browser personas.


Colorscube is a simple mapping of the RGB colorspace into 3d. A little bit of alpha goes a long way. Try it in black.

The website which is distinctively black, lets people try out the browser apps and rate, comment on and share them. Developers and designers are meanwhile encouraged to voluntarily create other experiments using JavaScript (and other languages) and submit them for review.

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