China blocks Google Search, Apps, GMail etc

china dragonAs I am writing this post, new tweets are popping every second confirming the news “China blocks Google’s main product, Google Search, Apps, GMail and more”. Notable thing here is that this is the second round of Censorship being imposed by China. Just few weeks back China had blocked Youtube and Google News and it created a huge wave of discussion in tech world.

Tweeter seems to have became the sole channel of news this time too and preferred hashtag for this news seem to have became #fuckgfw.

I don’t know where does the red dragon is heading by blocking all these websites. Definitely Baidu’s (the popular search engine in China) market share will increase as more n more Chinese people will use it now.

twitter china blocks google

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  1. Kumar says:

    I hope Google is not banned, The Google Service is disrupted in China.

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