Sun announced Java App Store at JavaOne 2009

java-storeSun Microsystems has announced its own version of Apple’s App store, The Java Store. As a part of the opening general session of JavaOne on Tuesday, Scott McNealy and James Gosling unveiled the Java Store, at The Java Store is launched in public beta. If you are having the Sun Developer Network (SDN) account, then you will be able to submit your application to the Java Warehouse.
As quoted in the Java Store website:

The Java Store is the single best online destination where you will find the most interesting, useful and entertaining Java software applications. This easy-to-use storefront application was created in JavaFX, and is currently available as a Private Beta program for U.S. residents that have Java. Visit the Java Store to locate, preview and install any Java and JavaFX software application you will ever need – Games, social software applications, productivity software – all brought to you by the power of Java.

Sun has also launched public beta of Java Warehouse, the frontend for Java developers where they can submit their Java projects.

Examples of applications in the Java store include RuneScape, a free multiplayer online role playing quest game; and Twitter FX, a JavaFX-Based Twitter Client. Currently in private beta, the Java Store is accepting applications from consumers to test out the new platform.

As of now, the service is targeted to the desktop applications alone (Java and JavaFX), but the service will be extended to include other kind of applications also (mobile, TV) in future. And, the Java warehouse is now open only to the US developers.

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