Spring Boot Custom Favicon Example – How to set custom Favicon in Spring Boot

Spring Boot Custom Favicon example – The default Spring Boot configuration provides the default favicon for the web application. If you start a Spring Boot app and requests /favicon.ico url, Spring will serve its default favicon.

spring boot custom favicon example project structure

It is very easy to provide custom favicon and override Spring’s default one. All you need to do is to put your favicon.ico file in classpath. I would recommend to put custom favicon.ico in /resources/static folder.

Once you put your favicon.ico file under /static folder, Spring will start serving it.

spring boot custom favicon example demo

Spring Boot will read favicon.ico from classpath and serves it for all /favicon.ico requests. You might be thinking from where Spring Boot is serving its default green colored favicon?

spring boot custom favicon original icon

This default Spring Boot favicon is in spring-boot-x.x.x.RELEASE.jar file. In this example I have used Spring Boot 1.5.7.RELEASE so my spring-boot-1.5.7.RELEASE.jar contains favicon.ico file!

spring boot jar contains favicon

Download – Spring Boot Custom Favicon example

As always the source code is available on Github.

Github – spring-boot-custom-favicon-example

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  1. Carol says:

    Thanks for the article, interesting

  2. Sophia Smith says:

    Thanks for another excellent tutorial. I am looking for starting web service development using Spring boot. I have used spring MVC in past but this one is a lot easier.

  3. Jesse Zhou says:

    Do you have a tutorial that removes the springboot leaf for your whole application? even if we hit localhost:8080/env?

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