Sharing Smartly with Google Reader

share-smartly-google-reader Google Reader is one of the most used RSS Readers on Internet today. Not only you can subscribe for different RSS feeds, but also can share your favorite posts with your friends. Google Reader team comes up with updates that makes the tool very useful. One of my favorite functionality in Google Reader is the ability to share posts and the followers/following concept. Any Google Reader user can follow you and can see your shared items. Also the “Like” feature is very useful. You can see how many users have “Liked” a post. Like Twitter, Google Reader’s Followers/Following concept it very very useful for Bloggers and Web masters as it brings a lot of traffic to your site. The more people follow you, the more they read what you share and the more they end up visiting the page. Thus, who to increase your followers count? Well, one of the way is to show off your shared items to your blog / website to people so that they know you are using Google Reader. Let us see how you can share your “shared” items with other users. Google Reader generate RSS for all your Shared items. You can use this RSS feed to subscribe from other tools such as WordPress blogs or Widgets and keep it on your website. To know your “shared” RSS feed url, follow these simple steps: Select the “People you Follow” link from Google Reader menu: google-reader-menu-follow Copy link “Your shared items”: copy-share-google-reader The RSS feed url for Shared items should look like:
Code language: HTML, XML (xml)
Once you have the shared items RSS link, you can share this in your WordPress blog or website.

Sharing in WordPress Blog

Wordpress widget are a powerful ways of sharing information on your blog. All you have to do follow these 3 simple steps to add Google Reader’s Shared items on wordpress: google-reader-shared-item-wordpress-widget Check your wordpress blogs sidebar, it will show the recent shared items from your Google Reader.

Sharing in Blogger

Lot of users use Blogger as their blogging platform. is a common URL that you see on internet. So let us see how can we put out shared Google Reader contents on Blogger. Blogger also provides functionality to add a widget to your sidebar (blogger calls it Gadget). To add share items: 1. Go to your blogger admin console and select Layout. 2. Click on Add a Gadget 3. Select Feed widget and add it 4. Paste the URL for your Shared Google Reader items feed-blogger And that’s it!! you can see the shared items on your blogspot blog.

Sharing anywhere!!

What if you are not using WordPress or Blogger platform? Still you can share the Google Reader shared items by creating a widget which is HTML code: Go to this page: Generate HTML for Google Reader Generate the HTML code and paste it wherever you want to share your Shared Items. google-reader-website-share-widget
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