How to Access Cookies in JSP Expression Language

Below snippet is just for your reference. We can print a cookie value on JSP page using JSP Expression language. The standard syntax to access Http Cookie value in JSP is:
${cookie.<cookie name>.value}
So if you want to print value of cookie named “foo” on JSP page, you might wanna write something like:
In previous tutorial How to access Cookies in Spring MVC, I used JSP expression language to print value of hitCounter cookie.

Display List of All Cookies in JSP

In JSP expression language ${cookie} gives a list of all cookies set for current webpage. This list can be iterated using JSTL <c:forEach> to print each cookie. Here is a small JSTL code snippet that prints list of all cookies for current page.
<h3>List of all the available Cookies</h3>
	<c:forEach var="cookies" items="${cookie}">
    		<c:out value="${cookies.key}"/>: 
    		    	Object=<c:out value="${cookies.value}"/>, 
    		    	value=<c:out value="${cookies.value.value}"/>
Once you run this code, you’ll see list of all http cookies for given page as below. http-cookies-jsp-expression-language Hope you’ll remember this little trick next time you want something like this.
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