Fantastic Bouncy Effect using jQuery/JavaScript

bounce-effect-jquery Let us see how can we create a Bounce Effect in HTML pages using jQuery. Bounce effect is an effect which resembles bouncing of a ball on floor or on a wall. These kind of effects dramatically improve user experience. Related: FadeIn / FadeOut Effect jQuery

The Goal

demo-jquery-bounce-all Our Goal will be to create a HTML page that has 4 boxes (DIVs). Clicking each of these boxes will bounce them is a particular direction. We can control the direction as well as the speed of bouncing element with arguments to the method of jQuery.

Step 1: The HTML Code

Following will be the HTML code for our example:
<table> <tr> <td><div id="bouncy1">Click here to bounce. Direction: Up</div></td> <td><div id="bouncy2">Click here to bounce. Direction: Left</div></td> </tr> <tr> <td><div id="bouncy3">Click here to bounce. Direction: Right</div></td> <td><div id="bouncy4">Click here to bounce. Direction: Down</div></td> </tr> </table> <br/> <input id="bounceAll" type="button" value="Click to Bounce All!"/>
Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

Step 2: The Stylesheet CSS Code

Just to add some color to our boxes, add following CSS code to your HTML:
div { padding:5px; width:150px; height:100px; text-align:center; } #bouncy1 { background-color:#FFEE88; } #bouncy2 { background-color:#EE88FF; } #bouncy3 { background-color:#EE8888; } #bouncy4 { background-color:#88EEFF; }
Code language: CSS (css)

Step 3: The jQuery/JavaScript Code

Now we will give the actual bounce effect to the demo. We will use jQuery library for this. Also we need to include jQuery UI for bounce effect. For this we will include js files from google apis. Google host the jQuery UI and jQuery core files on their server. We can directly include it from there.
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
Code language: HTML, XML (xml)
Also copy following code in your HTML to give final bounce effect.
$(function(){ //Add bounce effect on Click of the DIV $('#bouncy1').click(function () { $(this).effect("bounce", { times:5 }, 300); }); $('#bouncy2').click(function () { $(this).effect("bounce", { direction:'left', times:5 }, 300); }); $('#bouncy3').click(function () { $(this).effect("bounce", { direction:'right', times:5 }, 300); }); $('#bouncy4').click(function () { $(this).effect("bounce", { direction:'down', times:5 }, 300); }); //Bounce all DIVs on click of button $("#bounceAll").click(function(){ $("div").click(); }); });
Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

Online Demo

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  1. SoulMyst says:

    *Bounces up and down with joy* great! learned something new in jquery ^_^ very easy to understand what is going on even for a total jquery beginner like myself :)

  2. Nice work.Thanks you..

  3. That’s great. Is there a way to have the div bounce automatically, say once every five seconds instead of on a click?

    • Why not.. just use JavaScript’s setTimeout() function.

      function bounce() {
      	$(this).effect("bounce", { times:5 }, 300);
      	setTimeout("bounce();", 5000);

      • avi says:

        Thanks for the nice tutorial !

        I think your provided code for requested question is not correct, he is asking for automatically calling function after certain interval. I guess its code should be like –

        $("#dv5").click(function () {
                    function JumpMeAuto() {
                            $("#dv5").effect("bounce", {direction:'right', times: 5 }, 300);
                            self.setInterval(function(){JumpMeAuto()}, 5000);

        • RozzA says:

          your code is exactly the same except you begin it by clicking where his begins on page load. the guy did not specify it should begin after clicking. good on you for reinventing the wheel…

  4. anoop says:


  5. saravana says:

    Thanks dear friend

  6. useful and simple codes.Thanks for sharing it is very helpful

  7. Praveen. says:

    Hi Friend,

    thank you so much for very good tutorial.
    Is there any way to add bouncy effect to part of a element, I click?(For example consider a background image, i want to add dynamic bouncy effect to part of a background image)

    Thanks Best Regards,

  8. Shalu says:

    Awesome article!!

  9. Gandhiweb says:

    Nice script

  10. aaditya says:

    where to put last coding ?
    please tell me..

  11. Nithish says:

    Thank u

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