Google’s First Animated Doodle for Newton’s Anniversary

Google changes its logo frequently to celebrate events such as birth anniversaries of well known people, holiday seasons etc. These logos are known as Google Doodle. Today Google is celebrating 366th birthday of Sir Isaac Newton and they have changed the logo on their website. But this time they have added an animated doodle of falling apple. Google believe in simplicity and thus the animated doodle is not a GIF or Flash but simple JavaScript to animate the image.
<img width="384" height="138" border="0" onload=";&amp;lol();setTimeout(function(){var h=0,v=1,f=document.getElementById('fall'),i=setInterval(function(){if(f){var r=parseInt(,b=parseInt(;'px';'px';if(b>-210){v+=2}else{h=(v>9)?v*0.1:0;v*=(v>9)?-0.3:0}}},25);google.rein&amp;&amp;google.rein.push(function(){clearInterval(i);h=0;v=1})},2000)" style="margin-top: -1.22em;" id="logo" title="Birthday of Sir Isaac Newton" alt="Birthday of Sir Isaac Newton" src="/logos/newton10-tree.jpg"/>
Code language: JavaScript (javascript)
You can access full set of Google Doodle here
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  1. Also click “I’m Feeling lucky” button without anything in search text box.

  2. @Gaurav – Thanks for the trick. It’s showing Happy New Year message from Google.

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