Redirect your homepage /+ URL to your Google + profile

google-plusWhile lot of people are stuggling getting into this new social network, I was among the lucky one who got very early access, thanks to a friend working with Google. I loved Google+. After so many failures in Social domain, Google has finally unleashed a product that can definitely take Facebook head on. While I follow closely all the stories about G+ on techmeme, techcrunch etc, overall people are liking this new service and are happy about it. While its not clear about the total number of users the service have attracted in this first few weeks, estimates are coming that around 10 million people have already signed in and are using it. This makes G+ fastest growing online entity ever. The integration of G+ with Google toolbar in all the Google properties makes it real accessible. You dont have to be on G+ to use G+. The notification bar is smoothly integrated with the UI. While people from tech world have started using G+ keenly, there are some like Kevin Rose who have actually forwarded their homepage () to their Google plus profile!! That inspire me to do something similar.. But I didnt want to forward to my G+ profile.. So here is a simple trick: Forward to my G+ profile!! Isn’t that cool. It’s dead simple if you can edit your .htaccess file in your root folder of your website. Just copy paste following line of code in .htaccess file of your root folder.
Redirect /+ [your G+ profile url]
Code language: HTML, XML (xml)
For example, my .htaccess file would be:
Redirect /+
Code language: HTML, XML (xml)
That’s it!!! Now just type in your browser and you are automatically redirected to G+ profile.
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