Google OS is here. Google launched Google Chrome OS

google-chrome-osFinally it is here. Google has just announced its desktop based operating system Google Chrome OS which is based on Linux Kernel. The operating system like Chrome Browser will be an open source operating system and will be available by later this year. Also Google will starts rolling this new OS in Netbooks PC by next year. This move is directly targeting Windows XP market in the NetBook as most of Netbooks run on Windows XP and Windows Vista is not considered suitable for Netbooks. Also there will be no surprise if Google Chrome OS’s launch next year is aligned with the Windows 7 launch.

As I mentioned, Google Chrome OS will run on Linux Kernel within a new windowing system. The operating system will run on both x86 and ARM processors. The key aspects of Google Chrome OS is Speed, simplicity and security so there will be no doubt of its performance. Like Chrome Browser, Google Chrome OS is start very fast and within seconds you will start surfing on web.

The web based applications will be the applications in Google OS, i.e. whatever technology you use to create a web based application, your application can run directly under Google OS. This gives benefit to millions of web developers to write desktop applications for Google Chrome.

Tech media has already started talking about the competition Google OS will bring in Desktop based operating system market.

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