Files-Directory listing in Java

This example lists the files and subdirectories in a directory.
File dir = new File("directoryName"); String[] children = dir.list(); if (children == null) { // Either dir does not exist or is not a directory } else { for (int i=0; i < children.length; i++) { // Get filename of file or directory String filename = children[i]; } } // It is also possible to filter the list of returned files. // This example does not return any files that start with `.'. FilenameFilter filter = new FilenameFilter() { public boolean accept(File dir, String name) { return !name.startsWith("."); } }; children = dir.list(filter); // The list of files can also be retrieved as File objects File[] files = dir.listFiles(); // This filter only returns directories FileFilter fileFilter = new FileFilter() { public boolean accept(File file) { return file.isDirectory(); } }; files = dir.listFiles(fileFilter);
Code language: Java (java)
Traversing the Files and Directories Under a Directory This example implements methods that recursively visits all files and directories under a directory.
Code language: Java (java)
// Process all files and directories under dir public static void visitAllDirsAndFiles(File dir) { process(dir); if (dir.isDirectory()) { String[] children = dir.list(); for (int i=0; i
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