Blocking Obscene/Unwanted Ads in Google Adsense

Since few days we were noticing some really obscene ads of a Gaming website on our blog. After quick search we found that these Ads were from a website called We received lot of concerns/comments from our website visitors who were restraining to visit us from their work area just because of these ads. Evony ads are like a virus for a lot of people’s websites. Not only is it obnxoius to be overrun with ads from one site, it’s even worse when the ads look god awful. Below is how to block the evony ads from your adsense account. Login to your Adsense account. Go to the Adsense Setup tab. Click on Competitive Ad Filter in the submenu. Add following domains then click Save.
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google-adsense-filter-ads You can also use this feature of Google Adsense to block any Ads from your competitors’ ads, from appearing on your pages.
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