Unable to access JBoss server from other machines

Recently, I was running one of the application on JBoss server. Now I was able to access it using http://localhost:8080/myapp. But I was not able to access the application if I try to use my machine name or IP address instead of localhost in JBoss server. I am using JBoss 4.2.3 version. I searched the internet and found this solution. JBoss version 4.2.0.GA always bound to the any address “”.This lead many people put their unprotected content on the internet or on their local LAN. Hence in the newer version of JBoss you have to explicitly choose to do so. For *nix environment
./run.sh -b
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and for Windows, use
run.bat -b
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This will put the JBoss server online and your application can be accessed from other machines.
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  1. veeru says:

    I have follow the same procedure but its not working with IP address.
    if we provide localhost its working

  2. Abraham says:

    same here!

    machine name works, IP does not

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