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Right now, Internet is experiencing the biggest protest since its inception. We have seen people protesting against Companies, Government, Dictators etc. Also Internet has become their voices in form of Twitter & Facebook.

But today we saw something completely new. Major websites such as Wikipedia and Google are openly demonstrating their protest against new legislation bills SOPA and PIPA which is right now being voted in U.S. Congress. The Senate will begin voting on January 24th.

Well, if you do support the STOPSOPA cause here is a coolest thing to do. Add a black colored STOPSOPA banner on your website!!!!

Here’s is the deal. I have created a simple JQuery plugin which you can include at the end of your website. And voila!!! It adds black color banner on top of your webpage saying “I support #STOPSOPA campaign. Do you?

Just include below javascript at the end of webpage:

<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script> <script> $(document).ready(function() { $(this).stopsopa() }); </script>
Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

That’s All!!
Please note that I haven’t tested this plugin for cross browsers. Let me know in case you find difficulties in adding.

StopSOPA WordPress Plugin

I have quickly assemble a small wordpress plugin to add StopSOPA message on your blog. Just in case you dont want to hack your lovely theme and add those javascripts, you can simply enable this plugin and voila; you have your own StopSOPA Blackout message.

Update: The StopSOPA plugin is now available at WordPress Plugin

Directory: StopSOPA WP Plugin

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  1. Atul Goyal says:

    Good but It blink when we pull down ,

    • Atul: Thanks :) I’m fixing this now.

      Update: Fixed :D

  2. tyler says:

    I like this compared to many other Stop SOPA offerings. This is minimal and not too intrusive. Do you know if this is available as a WordPress plugin? If not, would you mind if I create one quickly from your jQuery plugin?

    it’s a little late, but I could probably get it into the WordPress plugin directory within a couple hours.

    • @Tyler: Ya sure, why not!! That would be damn useful. Let me know the plugin details. I will update this post with wordpress plugin detail.

      • tyler says:

        Not looking like I’ll have time to put into this today, unfortunately. Think there would be any interest in this after today?

        • @Tyler: I have written a simple WP Plugin to do this. Sending you the zip in email. Please see if you can add it in WP Plugin directory.


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