Safari 4 beta hit the download shelves

A good news for all Safari fans. Safari 4 beta is released and is available for download on its site. It is available for Mac OS and Windows. Techcrunch is saying that the JavaScript engine of Safari 4 is 4x faster.
Some fantastic benchmarks at reveled that Safari 4 is fasted browser on planet till date. They used SunSpider suite of JavaScript tests to determine which browser was the quickest, and the Safari 4 beat every browser in terms of speed, on both a PC running Windows XP SP2, and a Mac running OS X 10.6 with all updates applied.
safari 4 benchmark

These graphs revealed that Safari is 42 times faster than Internet Explorer 7, just over six times faster than Internet Explorer 8, 3.5 times faster than Firefox 3, and 1.2 times faster than Google Chrome.

I have just installed Safari 4 and checking the updates. Soon will post the updates here.

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